[rc5] CPU auto Detection routines...

oVeRFLoW jposada at las.es
Thu Oct 23 17:15:28 EDT 1997

    Hey, i got the new RC564 client yesterday, and, at the point of
configuring it.. i leave the cpu type to the program..
What a surprise that, 4 times I have tested it, it has selected 3
different cores... Starting from a 386-486 core, thru the K6 core,
ending with the Pentium MMX core.... and i got a PPro 200 !!!!! can this
problem be because i have overclocked it to 233 Mhz? I dunno...

    Referring to the Speed improvement, I find the new version a bit
faster, but not that awesome speed increases some people notice... Seems
the Wintel version code is pretty much more optimized than other

Greetz from Spain, and confratulations, Jo Hermans

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