[rc5] Mac 64-bit client available from www.distributed-mac.net !

Edwin ten Dam etd at st-andrews.ac.uk
Thu Oct 23 16:34:25 EDT 1997

Hi all,

I've just noticed that Andrew Meggs has quickly converted the 56-bit client
to 64-bit. Go get it at:


By his own admission, it isn't fully tested or complete, but it should work
most of the time. From Andrews read me:

This thing has been thrown together, but Nate's docs for 2.005 mostly
apply. Differences from RC5-56 2.005 are that it checks 64-bit RC5 instead
of 56-bit, and it has some goodies from Bob Smith's faceless version in
progress. I didn't get the 603-optimized core to work right with 64-bit
keys (yet), so you guys will have to run a little slower with the
603e-optimized core until 2.002. The important thing was to get something
out there right away.

Congratulations to all at distributed.net for cracking 56-bit RC5.

I would like to thank Andrew and coauthors for all the work they've done on
the 56-bit version, and I'm very happy they're on board to write the
fastest client once again.

Before going out to celebrate the cracking of 56-bit, download the new
version and fire it up!



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