[rc5] humble suggestion

Chris Grantham casper at optima.mme.wsu.edu
Thu Oct 23 08:29:42 EDT 1997

Greg Childers wrote:

> I have a humble suggestion.  Since the RC5-64 keyspace is so
> huge, and since as soon as the V3 clients are out, our processing
> power
> will be divided among at least 2 different tasks, perhaps we could
> share
> the keyspace with the competing effort(s) who are willing to do the
> same.
> I am NOT suggesting that we divide the keyspace from the outset and
> say
> I'll take this, you take that.  I would always feel that we just gave
> the
> key away.  But perhaps at the end of each week, or each day perhaps,
> we and
> the other willing efforts could share the info that the key is not
> located
> in {0xXXXXXXXX:X0000000,...} and if some of those blocks were
> duplicated in
> that day (week), so be it.  Of course, this does require that all
> participating efforts be completely honest!  (Can we assume this?)

  I think that the general feeling around is that there wouldn't be
anyone else to share with. IM is not interested in RC5-64, and that
being an undergrad project, they are having some trouble convincing
their advisor that it would be worthwhile.

    Cyberian has expressed interest in continuing on in RC5-64, but any
talk of collaboration is pure speculation.

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