[rc5] The prize money....

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Thu Oct 23 14:32:36 EDT 1997

Stuart Anthony (denitto at llamas.net), on 10/23/1997 11:00 AM, wrote the 

>But anyways, Yes, at least speaking for myself, and as a Business Admin
>major, more money would entice more people in, however, the chances of
>winning even that money is now a far cry from the lottery.  56 was 72
>quadrillion, 64 is 256 times that.  Hell, the lottery (depending on what
>state you're in) is usually 49! or somewhere near 14million to 1.  If the
>prize money was more substancial than just $10,000, I think we could get a
>huge influx of more people.

no no no...

The odds of any individual key being the right one is that rare, yes, but 
the odds of your finding it is really much better. If there's 4000 
computers all running at the same speed, processing that huge keyspace, 
and they all run for the same amount of time, you have a 1 in 4000 chance 
of finding the key.

Of course, it doesn't work out exactly that way. :) I just used those 
numbers to prove my point, which is that your odds are based more on the 
number of cycles you have and are willing to donate, than on the size of 
the space being tested.

Significantly better odds than the lottery.


              seth at snet.net

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