[rc5] Cpu Detection...

Stuart Anthony denitto at llamas.net
Thu Oct 23 17:04:10 EDT 1997

As you all probably have seen, the x86 client often detects your cpu as
something its not.  

This is due to the fact that it doesn't look at your cpu info at all.
What the new clients do is run a small test with each x86 core, to see
which one is fastest at that time, and chooses that core.

So, depending on what you're running at the time, or when the os decides
it wants to give time to another process, it may get "detected" wrong.
This could be remedied by running longer tests when the client starts up,
but that's not really acceptable.  

My suggestion to you is, don't use the -benchmark or -benchmark2 to gauge
your core speed, but set the client to run on 5 blocks for each core, and
compare the acutal time it took to run those 5 blocks.

But don't be alarmed if it doesn't "detect" your cpu.  It's not looking at
your cpu, but rather seeing what core is fastest.  Think of it as "Core


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