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Brian Greul (Exch) bbraf08 at exch-imc.b-r.com
Thu Oct 23 17:23:38 EDT 1997

It would be really nice if we could set the name of the NT service.
You can stop it with the command net stop "servicename"
you can also start it this way.
The current name is a real bear to type.
and it is faster to type then it is to go through the mouse acitons.
I am trying to develop a completely automated install / deinstall
process... :)

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>"Adam L. Beberg" <beberg at distributed.net> wrote:
>] First let me say that v3 will be a big step away from the way 
>] distributed.net has operated in the past. From the start I'm designing v3 
>] as an open protocol. This means that client development, and the writing 
>] of cores, will be open to anyone with the required skill and motivation. 
>] v3 is a full protocol specification for distributed computing, not just a 
>] new client. You will also eventually be able to run your own server/proxy 
>] for academic projects, so no more waiting 3 weeks for your thesis project 
>] to process :)
>   This may be the most exciting and inspiring thing i have ever read on
>this mailing list.  
>   Finding a 56-bit RC5 key is a neat stunt, a huge computational task,
>and makes an important point to the US government (who may or may not be
>paying attention, and who may or may not understand it if they are).
>However, the development of an open, widely deployed distributed
>processing system is an event of an entirely different order.  If done
>right this could radically add to the set of problems that ordinary
>people can do.
>   There are some huge fundamental problems to be overcome before
>distributed processing on the scale envisioned by the distributed.net
>organization becomes practical.  I look forward to the discussion to
>hash it all out.
>Sebastian Kuzminsky
>kuzminsk at cs.colorado.edu
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