[rc5] randomprefix=100

wooledge at kellnet.com wooledge at kellnet.com
Thu Oct 23 22:42:55 EDT 1997

James Mastros (root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org) wrote:

> The last line of my rc564.ini (from rc56401-linux-mt-x86-cli.tar.gz) (BTW -
> what is the diffenence in the linux clients?  Cli is, I assume, after the
> asm instruction.  What is mt?)

MT is multi-threaded (requires kernel 2.0, or at least 1.3.high).  Non-MT
is non-multithreaded, which should run on 1.2 and possibly even older
Linux kernels.

Note that the Linux versions are statically linked ELF binaries, so your
libc.so.[56] version is not important.

> is "randomprefix=100".  Why?

I suspect it's to allow for the selection of a range when generating
random blocks...?

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