[rc5] Let's factor RSA-155!

Ben Byer root at bushing.plastic.crosslink.net
Thu Oct 23 23:19:23 EDT 1997

At 02:58 PM 10/24/97 +1300, dan carter wrote:
>Let me put my vote in now for this project, sounds good!
>On Thu, 23 Oct 1997 21:10:09 -0400, Trei Family wrote:
>>There's another target.
>>* It's a lot easier than RC5/64 - it should take no longer than RC5/56.
>>* It's got twice the prize money.
>>* It's also sponsored by RSA.
>>* It's important, both politically and for improving Internet security.
>>It's the factorization of RSA-155.

Not to be another "me, too!"er, but I think this would be great.  Some more
advantages: (correct me if I'm wrong)

* More even in terms of different computer architectures, as opposed to
being    dependant on the rotate instruction
* More money TO DONATE TO CHARITY :)
* I /believe/ that due to the nature of the problem, either reported
results are    easily verifiable, or the final processing step is tolerant
of bogus data
* It's almost as sexy as rc5-56.

If this was introduced as one of the choices, I'd snatch it up in a
heartbeat, and I think a lot of others would as well.


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