[rc5] Client configuration question

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Fri Oct 24 00:25:08 EDT 1997

> I am connecting through an ISP, so most of my keycracking is happening
> off-line. I would like to configure the client to report completed blocks
> when I go on-line and retain enough blocks to continue working off-line for
> 12 hours.

If you haven't set up your machine for auto-dial, then use the 
"-frequent" option when you start the client.  In the multi-threaded 
clients, this will force a network connection attempt every couple of 
minutes.  When you go online, it'll do an update.
> I have tried various threshold settings (10:2, 2:2...) but the client
> doesn't seem to be inclined to report until the lower limit has been
> exceeded. No problem there, but it stops checking keys when the lower
> boundary is crossed regardless of how many blocks are left in the 'in' cache
> file. I might be missing something here. Can anyone help me understand this?
> TIA.

These numbers are not upper and lower limits.  There are two buffers. 
 One is incoming, the other outgoing.  The thresholds correspond to 
these.  If you set up 25:5, then your client will download 25 blocks. 
 When 5 blocks are completed, you'll have 20 in the incoming buffer, 
and 5 in the outgoing buffer (ignoring blocks which have been 
extracted and are 'ready' for processing).  At this point, it will 
connect and dump the 5 blocks.  It will also 'top up' the incoming 
buffer to 25 blocks.

To summarize: connections occur when the incoming buffer is empty
or the outgoing buffer reaches its threshold.  Every connection, it 
will try to dump the entire out buffer, and fill the in buffer up to 
the in-threshold.  This ensures your finished blocks are submitted as 
promptly as you want, and that you'll always have enough 
unfinished blocks in case you are unable to contact the keyservers.

-- Tim

Tim Charron
tcharron at interlog.com
tcharron at ctfinance.com

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