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Jim Ewald jewald at primenet.com
Thu Oct 23 23:23:01 EDT 1997

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From: Hector Yee <yhy1 at cornell.edu>

>it's one of those funny messages like
>"the cows are coming". don't worry about it.
>duplicate email addresses are one of the ways you get multiple machines
>under an e-mail for teams.
>>[10/24/97 04:52:08 GMT] The proxy says: "There can be only one.
>This is a quote from highlander and wasn't directed to you ;-)

Ahhh, that's a relief! I was expecting someone to show up with a sword and a
few lightning bolts any time now. Now I am more confident in getting the
rest of the machines set up. Thanks for the speedy reply.

- Jim

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