[rc5] Let's factor RSA-155!

oVeRFLoW jposada at las.es
Fri Oct 24 15:24:59 EDT 1997

> Long before RSA posted the secret key challenges (at my suggestion, he
> said
> smugly :-), RSA created a series of challenge moduli for factoring
> tests.
> The largest number which has ever been factored is RSA-130. It's been
> estimated that RSA-155 (10^25 times larger!) could be factored in
> about
> 500,000 MIPS years using the quadratic seive (QS) method, and
> about 17,000 MIPS years (if I remember correctly), using the
> General Number Field Seive (GNFS) method.

Sounds good!!!! challenging... I vote for this one! : )

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