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Irwan Hadi phoenix at cutey.com
Fri Oct 24 00:19:55 EDT 1997

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At 10:50 23/10/97 -0400, you wrote:

>Clearly, we need to do both:   Use advanced technology (recruit more
>P-II's, etc), and to recruit MORE PEOPLE.    Its estimated that we had
>25,000 machines or so at the time of the 56-bit find.    To have any
>reasonable chance at 64-bit success in a decent time frame (under five
>years), I think we need closer to half a million participants.   I do NOT
>think that's out of the question.
Yeah I really agree with you. Why don't we work together with infinite and 
cyberian, so this can double our strength. Better if now we think that to 
crack RC5-8 (8X8 = 64 bit), NOT a competition among another teams, but to 
show .......... you can see it in the FAQ at bovine homepage.
If we work together there are some benefits:
1. We can get many people.
2. We can exchange our tallents with the other team, for eg: Cyberian can 
make a faster clients, Bovine can make a faster proxy, 
These can make our strength become more and more.

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