[rc5] Looking for key-cracking stories.

Haberlach, Adam HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu
Fri Oct 24 10:22:15 EDT 1997

	I am currently writing a paper on large-scale distributed computing
for a Technical Writing class, and I'm looking for specific information
besides the press releases.  Do you have any hints on where to start?

Adam Haberlach      haberlaa at ucs.orst.edu
RC5-56 is over!
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> Subject:	[rc5] Looking for key-cracking stories.
> I'm giving a presentation at the RSA Data Security Conference
> in January, 1998. The title is "Key Cracking for fun and Profit: The
> Year in Review".
> The main topic will be the activity spawned by the RSA Secret Key 
> Challenges, though I'll include other brute-force and factoring 
> efforts, in 1997 or before.
> If you have taken part in a key search, and/or have any thoughts 
> on the topic you'd like to share, I hope you'll send them to me at 
> trei at ziplink.net. 
> I'm particularly interested in finding out about some of the 
> less-known efforts - for example, the DES effort rumored to have
> taken place at SGI, and the early, abortive RC5/56 effort at a
> New York site.
> Stories, anecdotes, and issues raised by the efforts are all 
> welcomed. Responses will be kept confidential if desired.
> Thanks,
> Peter Trei
> trei at ziplink.net
> DISCLAIMER: The above are my own views, should not be misconstrued 
> to represent those of my employer.
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