[rc5] Missing blocks?

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Fri Oct 24 08:48:58 EDT 1997

> I've seen something very similar. I initially downloaded 200 blocks, and
> my log looked like this (as expected):
> Then after starting and stopping the client a number of times (the Win95
> hidden version running on my laptop, which accounts for the starting and
> stopping), I see the following in the log:
> [10/24/97 06:46:30 GMT] Block: 64A68309:50000000 ready for processing
> [10/24/97 06:46:30 GMT] 175 Blocks remain in file C:\PROGRAM

When there's a 'non-clean' shutdown, blocks currently being worked on 
are not returned to the buff-in.rc5 file.  They are lost unless 
checkpointing is turned on (rc564 -config -- last option).

-- Tim

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