[rc5] Running client in background

Sebastian Kuzminsky kuzminsk at taussky.cs.colorado.edu
Fri Oct 24 11:11:52 EDT 1997

"Gary McClellan" <gary at gdma.com> wrote:
] I'd like to run my Linux RC5-64 client in the background (or for that matter,
] a detached OS/2 client); IOW, I don't need to see any screen update of it's
] progress, I can check a log file (or whatever) if necessary.
] I can't figure from the help which command line parameters to use to enable
] this.

   I did this with the 56-bit clients.  I turned off logging, and then
used a command line like:

./rc5v2 > rc5v2.log 2>&1 &

   This is for the bash shell.  It will run the client in the
background, and put it's output into a file called rc5v2.log, which you
can use cat or tail or less to look at.


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