[rc5] RE: rc5-digest V1 #171

Thompson, Christopher CThompson at suncor.com
Fri Oct 24 09:04:12 EDT 1997

>Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 20:32:09 -8
>From: "Brian Murphy" <brianm at earthlink.net>
>Subject: [rc5] Possible further d.n projects.
>RC5/40:  The unknown message is: This is why you should use a longer key
>RC5/48:  The unknown message is: The magic words are Security Dynamics and
>RC5/56:  The unknown message is: It's time to move to a longer key length
>DES:  The unknown message is: Strong cryptography makes the world a 
>safer place
>	What is the feasibility of mounting a chosen plaintext attack 
>against the other challenges?  If feasible, it would *certainly* be 
>less computationally challenging than a brute force attack.  Am I 
>missing something, or would it be *DAMN* cool to announce that we'd 
>just solved RC5/90 ?

>From my understanding of how RC5 encryption works, there isn't a
chosen-plaintext attack that is any better than brute-force.  That, and
the fact that you can use different key sizes, is one of the main
advantages of RC5 encryption.

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