[rc5] V3 Questions and Concerns

Brian Greul (Exch) bbraf08 at exch-imc.b-r.com
Fri Oct 24 13:55:51 EDT 1997

or we could encrypt the client code with a RSA RC5-56 :)
We could probably do a very simple encryption technique.
But the bottom line is that the client is going to grow in size.

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>One of the nicer features that will apparently be in V3 is the ability to
>pick and choose your project. Supposedly, this is all doable using the
>same client. That implies that the client downloads the code necessary for
>that project at startup. If not, then the rest of this message is wrong,
>and I would like to know how this is handled.
>That being the case, we are then downloading and executing programs in an
>unsupervised fashion. Now, I know that there is relatively little risk.
>Someone would either have to subvert one of the proxies (of which there
>are only a few, well-known ones), or interrupt the program-transfer
>mid-stream to send their own, potentially malicious program. Even so, as
>long as the client doesn't require root access (and it shouldn't), most
>OSes will be relatively protected.
>But it would be horrible for distributed.net to go down because one idiot
>scared everyone away. Maybe the developers have already realized and
>covered this issue. But I did want to bring it up just in case. Besides,
>not all users realize how unlikely this is, and all it would take is
>somebody posting a message about it to make some users worry (like this
>message, for instance :( ).
>To solve this issue, we get into all sorts of the traditional problems
>involved with secure communications. Probably the simplest thing is to
>sign the program with a PGP key, that the client then can verify
>before running said program.
>I don't really know for sure how to best handle this, and maybe it's even
>less of a problem than I think it is, but we should prepare for the
>future, in which distributed.net is much larger, and not all the users are
>so nice :)
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