[rc5] I'm in a weird mood... (long rant)

Ryan Dumperth woodie at indy.net
Fri Oct 24 15:10:43 EDT 1997

>Has anyone recruited within the Microsoft upper management echelons, to get
>a large number of the 20,000 desktop systems on the Redmond campus
>involved?  Sell it as a marketing pitch.... Just like the Evangelistas, I
>bet Bill Gatus of Borg would LOVE to be able to crow that it was WINDOWS NT
>that cracked RC5-64 or RSA-155.   How about at Intel Corp, where they had
>that 7,000+ Pentium Pro massively parallel wokrstation built as a demo of
>what Intel chips could do?   IBM?  Surely there are a BUNCH of idle cpu
>cycles there, too....

The box that found the 56-bit key *was* a Wintel machine. Let's see if they
even notice. They may, but probably won't. Corporations have bottom-line
type concerns to worry about. Their IS departments do not have time to do
this sort of thing officially. Individuals are the only way we can increase
our installed base.

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