[rc5] distributed chess

JP Rosevear webmaster at usjc.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Oct 24 16:12:28 EDT 1997

>Marc Sissom <msissom at dnaent.com> wrote:
>] 	And, likely before K would play the Deep.Distributed.Cow,
>] 		the DDC would have to beat some lesser opponent.
>   For testing it may be useful to have an interface between Deep Cow
>and one of the internet chess servers.  This would let us play against
>humans and other computers, and establish a relative ranking.
>   Where are the free chess servers these days, anyone got a URL?

fics.onenet.net 5000 is one.  A better one to try might be chess.net.
Several GM's play there against anybody, some of them play computers quite
regularly.  There is, I believe, a free interface that works with the
AutoPlay standard.


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