[rc5] I'm in a weird mood... (long rant)

Kyle Sheppard ksheppar at lwo.lkwash.wednet.edu
Fri Oct 24 14:35:44 EDT 1997

>The box that found the 56-bit key *was* a Wintel machine. Let's see if
>even notice. They may, but probably won't. Corporations have
>type concerns to worry about. Their IS departments do not have time to
>this sort of thing officially. Individuals are the only way we can
>our installed base.

A team I would suspect is made up of a signifigant number of Microsoft
employees finished in the top 10 of the Bovine effort.  :-)  However
you are correct that Microsoft has a bottom line and would probably
discourage a project like RC5 on campus.  Hey maybe they'll go talk to
their managers though...  <g>

Kyle Sheppard
ksheppar at u.washington.edu
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