[rc5] I'm in a weird mood... (long rant)

Stuart Anthony denitto at llamas.net
Fri Oct 24 17:33:09 EDT 1997

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Jeff Woods wrote:

> >that we have no idea what our peak rate is.  You say that our growth had
> >started to slow?  Fine, I say that we're the reason this happened.  (and
> >really, if you look, our growth was still climbing daily right up until the
> >end.
> <snip of ways to up recruitment>
> >However, the only real forms of recruitment we are using right now are
> >limited entirely to high-tech channels utilized by high-tech people.
> Has anyone recruited within the Microsoft upper management echelons, to get
> a large number of the 20,000 desktop systems on the Redmond campus
> involved?  Sell it as a marketing pitch.... Just like the Evangelistas, I
> bet Bill Gatus of Borg would LOVE to be able to crow that it was WINDOWS NT
> that cracked RC5-64 or RSA-155.   How about at Intel Corp, where they had
> that 7,000+ Pentium Pro massively parallel wokrstation built as a demo of
> what Intel chips could do?   IBM?  Surely there are a BUNCH of idle cpu
> cycles there, too....  

Personally, I have tried contacting the Public Relations and some techies
at:  IBM, M$, Cyrix, AMD, Motorola (Though I never got a response from
anyone there...it's tough to even get an email to reply to there), and


The cows are tromping all over America. Cows can replicate. They're
being born all over the world. There's plenty of beef available!
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