[rc5] The prize money....EOT.

Chris Grantham casper at optima.mme.wsu.edu
Fri Oct 24 16:30:46 EDT 1997

>> At 02:13 AM 10/24/97 +0100, you wrote:
>> >And why try and communicate with the Bovine inner circle using this
>> mailing
>> >list?  They've said that they don't read it and you need to use IRC
>> to
>> >communicate with them.
Woah. As Nugget said in a previous message, he is (was) looking for
someone to watch things on the list. Here I am. Anything that needs to
be brought to the attention of the "inner circle" will. I read the list
at least 2 times a day, and flag the messages that need to be flagged
=). Rest assured, we're listening.

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