[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #170

Joseph Fisk joe at rm405n-a.roberts.fit.edu
Sat Oct 25 03:49:37 EDT 1997

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Paul McGrane wrote:

> >How about chess.distributed.net vs. Deep Blue?
> Why? Two computers playing each other isn't that interesting unless one 
> has been definitively proven to be the best in the world (which Deep 
> Blue hasn't really yet). Even if that were the case, I'd think a man vs. 
> machine match would be much more interesting to most people.

I think it's a good idea.  Such a match would show how feasible deep.cow
would be in terms of responsiveness.  Distribution of the work seems to be
a major hurdle.  That's probably why we moved straight into RC5-64.  (I
don't think people would find large prime numbers quite as interesting).

mdmbkr at chillin.org

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