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Irwan Hadi phoenix at cutey.com
Sat Oct 25 11:28:19 EDT 1997

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At 13:14 24/10/97 -0400, Seth Dillingham wrote:
>Skip Huffman (SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com), on 10/24/1997 10:13 AM, wrote 
>the following:

I think better for Guttenburg project to make a donation page , like at 
maybe you can consult with cheap bytes , or lsl, so that people can "buy the 
item 'donation $5 for project guttenburg' , like in cheapbytes homepage.

>Are you saying that this 'charity' cost you no time or energy? You've 
>been a contributor to this mailing list, you've spent time installing and 
>updating the client on your system...
>In reality, for ME, if the charity for project Gutenberg were all it was, 
>I'd just donate two dollars to them and find something that demands LESS 
>time! Even if you leave out the ridiculous amount I've spent trying to 
>get the distributed-mac website 'ship-shape', I've spent hours putting 
>the client on my computers, and updating to revised clients, and 
>troubleshooting problems.
>If it's just about the charity, send them $2. If everybody in the group 
>did that, they'd get MORE than the $8000 Bovine sent them!
>Seth :)
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