[rc5] Some thoughts on finding the key

Daniel Baker dbaker at wrangler.cuckoo.com
Sat Oct 25 02:38:25 EDT 1997

> On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Richard Freeman wrote:


> So, we should trust distributed.net enough to run their object code and do
> whatever calculations their server tells us to do, but they can't trust
> us to report a correct solution? Either we're cooperating or we're not.
> Either we're doing it for the money or we're not.
> I think the odds that someone will be cheated are exceedingly slim. Even
> if they were, I think that the cheater would be unable to "show their
> work" (Who could, really?), and distributed.net would likely be able to
> show the scum's participation in its effort.

I trust Nugget with the 'success' log more than any other shmuck participating
in the contest.  Why spend time adding a feature that will simply add
more risk to the project?

Okay, so lets say that feature is implemented in the clients.  Then, lets
say someone actually gets the right key and reports it by themselves.  First
of all, it's not required to "show your work". It's an optional question. You
could say you cracked it on your TI-85 calculator. If distributed.net then
tells RSA you cheated. RSA says "Too bad.."

> Is it *really* in the fine print that the solver has to wait for an RSA
> press release? How could RSA refuse to award the money regardless of who
> makes the announcement, especially with 80% going to charity? Imagine the
> PR from a move like that? News is news, and it happens when it happens.
> Tell RSA to write the damned RC5-64 press release now!  :-)

Alright. So you're saying that if a large encryption company is making
a large announcement that will have a great deal to do with you, that you
should make a big stink about it, and demand that they do everything
your way.  Is that how you get good press?

Why even bother dealing with it?  Play nice-nice with RSA. No reason
not to, they're on our side.


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