[rc5] Recruitment: Got a question/proposal.

Greg Hewgill gregh at lightspeed.net
Sat Oct 25 01:36:20 EDT 1997

From: Christopher Lyons <clyons at concentric.net>
>I'm on a few mailing lists (other then rc5 stuff, of course), and
>would like to try to recruit people to run the Bovine client on their
>machines.  I'm also sure many of you are on various mailing lists as
>well.  I think they'd be fertile grounds for recruitment.

I think you'd get a lot of negative reaction if you were to post a long
message about distributed computing and crypto to an unrelated mailing list.
The people on some of the automobile mailing lists I'm on get upset even if a
relevant aftermarket parts vendor posts a message offering a free catalog!
(This really happened.) It's probably best not to stir up the spam issue, that
would make distributed.net look bad.

I found out about DESchall earlier this year by noticing a somebody's
signature in a Java newsgroup. I think it read something like "Crack DES now!
http://url.goes.here". Short, to the point, and got my attention.

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