[rc5] Recruitment: Got a question/proposal.

Josh Goins joshg at newwave.net
Sat Oct 25 11:34:56 EDT 1997

Christopher Lyons wrote:
> >Hmmm...  sounds like your suggesting spamming.
> We're talking about people posting things of interest to listserv
> (such as this one!) that we already belong to, if it would be
> appropriate.  I belong to a couple listservs where posting something
> like this would be perfectly acceptable, and in fact, or intrest to
> the people on it.
> By no means do I want anyone to spam about this effort all throught
> Usenet, nor use spam-email programs to distrubute the message.
> Just send it to where it's approporate
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Wouldn't it be best if everyone would just think of a cool .sig that
has the url, etc, etc in it?

Denying millions of law-abiding people the use of a legitimate 
and increasingly necessary security product for "law enforcement" 
reasons is like banning deadbolt locks because they make it a 
little harder to kick down the doors of a few drug dealers.

                           CONRAD BURNS,
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