[rc5] I'm in a weird mood... (long rant)

Chris Arguin Chris.Arguin at unh.edu
Sat Oct 25 15:26:11 EDT 1997

On Sat, 25 Oct 1997, Scott Morris wrote:

> On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Erik Andrejko wrote:
> [snip]
> > This way a network administrator, may infect a file that is run by a lot of
> > people (i.e. netscape).  The user runs the program, the client is installed
> > and the user is none the wiser.  Ideally administrator would forget all
> > about the client even existing.
> > 
> > Erik Andrejko
> That would work until your security people caught it, then you would likely
> suffer a quick exit out the door while it was removed.


Come on people... If you have a right to say that the program should be
run on a certain computer, then you have the right to tell the users not
to complain about it. For administrators, there should be a way to make
Bovine as unobtrusive as possible. But people should VOLUNTEER to use it.

What administrators might do is set up a web page (maybe just link to
one), that has a simple Java program in it. Say, "Click here to join the
fastest computer". When you click, it determines what version of the
client is best for you, and then downloads and sets it up. Even then,
there should be an intermediate screen explaining it all to the users. 

In some cases, like with lynx and possibly netscape, there is the ability
to set up a system-default web page. Many users never override this. So
you could even set up their default page to that (of course, lynx doesn't
do java... so you would still have to trust the user to know how to
download and install).

Ideally, the users volunteer to install it, and then forget they
installed it. But it shouldn't spread unchecked.

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