[rc5] Some thoughts on finding the key

Ben Byer root at bushing.plastic.crosslink.net
Sat Oct 25 15:29:47 EDT 1997

>From: Mishari Muqbil <mishari at thepentagon.com>
>>And Don't forget tat IM's (Cyberian as well?) client runs with a 0 nice
>level while
>>d.net's runs at about 19 (linux)
>Ah, bullshit. With nice level 0, it's running realtime -> you can't do
>anything else. And when machine is idle, there's no difference, if it's
>running on nice level 0 or 19.

No.  At nice level 0, it's running at the default priority; it gets
the same amount of clock cycles as anything else running at nice level
0.  Since linux has decent scheduling routines, it's *not* *possible*
to make a process use *every* processor cycle; it will always give
some cycles to every active process.  (You don't seem to realize that
priorities range from -19 to +20.)

At nice level 19, the process gets last priority for cycles; it will
always get a few, though.  On an idle machine, it will probably get
most of them, as long as nothing is being crunched in the background.
On a machine with /any/ user activity, though, it will have a SEVERE
disadvantage to Cyberian's client.

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