[rc5] distributed chess

JP Rosevear webmaster at usjc.uwaterloo.ca
Sat Oct 25 15:45:23 EDT 1997

>At 07:39 PM 10/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>> The distributed chess computer idea really piques my interest.   If Deep
>>> Blue won't play Kasparov, then let's get a championship match up against
>>> distributed.net..... 200 million moves a second:  BAH!    Watch 10,000
>>> Pentiums analyze EVERY possible move.
>>How about chess.distributed.net vs. Deep Blue?
>Deep Blue was retired by IBM as a chess-playing entity.   IBM has stated
>that it won't accept a Kasparov rematch, and that the system called Deep
>Blue is being used for other uses now.   I doubt we'd be able to swing it.
> I bet Kasparov would play, though.

This is the official word, however rumours are circulating that Vishy Anand
will play Deep Blue and that the effort is not yet finished, see The Week
In Chess:


They had a little piece on it.


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