[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #166

Phil Reed pcr at ic.net
Sat Oct 25 18:41:27 EDT 1997

David McNett <nugget at slacker.com> says:
>>According to this announcement, the key was found on October 19, but
>>the announcement was not made by Bovine people until October 22. There
>>are good reasons for a lag (perhaps the client that found the key
>>report in right away), but three days?
>I anticipated this question.  For the curious, here's a timeline of
>events as they occurred:
> {timeline deleted}

Thanks for providing that. Figures that the delay would be
people and not technical.

>>Overall, even though I have not been active on the mailing list, I've
>>closely monitoring it since I joined the effort in late July. During
>>time, I noticed one very strong attribute of the Bovine crew: they
>>been very reticent about saying ANYTHING.
>I'll be the first to admit that the mailing list has traditionally been
>the least-effective way of communicating with the distributed.net
>organizers.  This has certainly been a weakness of ours.  The sheer
>volume of mail that most of us receive means that mailing list traffic
>is typically the first thing to be ignored when the work to time ratio
>goes critical.  Perhaps we need to find someone to be official list
>moderator (much as we now have an official "help line" volunteer) to
>maintain a constant presence on the mailing lists.  (volunteers
>For good or for bad, IRC is by far the best way to contact any of us.

But, for most of us, IRC *sucks*. It's not a supported protocol in
most mainstream corporations. While IRC might be very popular
in educational circles, that's only a small fraction of the available
computers. You'll need to change in order to get more sympathetic 
contributers, such as myself, in major corporations.

And, just as a further note, I found an IRC client and tried more than
once to find a developer or somebody on IRC, and was unable to do
so. Face it: IRC has all the disadvantages of a phone call. That's why
email is so popular - both sides of a communication do NOT have to
be available at the same time.


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