[rc5] Best setup for infrequent dial-up connection

Slim slim at ipapilot.org
Sat Oct 25 21:48:23 EDT 1997

I'd like to make some completely maintenance-free RC5 installations on
various computers which make relatively infrequent connections to the
Internet. I'll have them buffer large numbers of blocks, and if possible
I'd like them to flush automatically whenever there's a net connection,
but I don't want the client to cause a dial-up connection to occur. This
will allow me to run the client on computers without having to explain
anything at all about it to the computers' owners (I'm thinking
specifically of installing them on some of my family members' computers,
but I don't want them to have to take any kind of action to keep things

There's been some mention of -frequent and -runoffline command-line
switches, some combination of which may accomplish what I'm trying to do,
but they don't appear to be documented anywhere. Can someone shed some
light on these? Also, does the win32-GUI client accept the command-line

If the -frequent or -runoffline option isn't what I'm looking for, then it
would be nice to have something like a -lurk option, where the client
would quietly poll for a network connection (like ICQ or Socket Watch),
and when it saw one would do a -update, regardless of how many completed
blocks had been buffered. This would let me unleash the client on any
number of unsuspecting souls, without their being any the wiser. In fact,
I'd like to package the whole thing up in an installer, which someone
could run once, and have a completely configured hidden client suitable
for an infrequent dial-up connection which they'd never have to think
about again.

Chris Johnson

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