[rc5] A virus is a bad idea

The Man theman at fallout.dyndns.com
Sat Oct 25 21:41:42 EDT 1997

Joseph Fisk wrote:

> Totally evil thing to do but it's a really really cool idea.  And most
> people wouldn't ever figure out that they were even infected since it's
> not malignant.  And the keyrate would soar..

There seems to be a lot of thought along these lines lately. I hope
nobody would seriously consider this; there were some complaints about
the way the media covered our victory; imagine how the techno-illiterate
media would exploit the fear people have of viruses...d.n would be
finished overnight, even if appropriate safeguards (i.e. permission,
etc.) were in place. We can't expect people to be happy about
participating without knowing it, even if no harm is done and even if
they would have willingly participated had they known. Just imagine the
problems this would cause; it'd be a scandal if anybody found out -
which would take about 5 minutes, since good *X administrators check
their process lists regularly - a "netscape," for example, that for some
reason suddenly took every idle cycle and did SOMETHING would seem
pretty damn strange. It's a tempting and very practical approach, which
must never be tried.

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