[rc5] A virus is a bad idea

Ranjit Annamalai rxa21 at po.cwru.edu
Sun Oct 26 01:00:04 EDT 1997

The Man wrote:
> Joseph Fisk wrote:
> > Totally evil thing to do but it's a really really cool idea.  And most
> > people wouldn't ever figure out that they were even infected since it's
> > not malignant.  And the keyrate would soar..

> pretty damn strange. It's a tempting and very practical approach, which
> must never be tried.

Actually something similar has been done as a "malicious" java applet,
the applet trys to factor some huge number on anyone's computer who
visits that page.  You could probably find it if you Yahooed for
"malicious java applets"

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