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Rogier R. Mulhuijzen drwilco at drwilco.net
Sun Oct 26 06:14:35 EST 1997

>What administrators might do is set up a web page (maybe just link to
>one), that has a simple Java program in it. Say, "Click here to join the
>fastest computer". When you click, it determines what version of the
>client is best for you, and then downloads and sets it up. Even then,
>there should be an intermediate screen explaining it all to the users. 

2 things.

1: Java runs on a Virtual Machine, and the amount of information it can get
from a computer is limited.
2: A Java Applet cannot use the local disk. It can only communicate with
the server it came from.

In that light it would be best to have a good page explaining how and where.

Another option is to write an applet that does the cracking. Simply put it
on a server with a proxy running and put it on a page (the page doesn't
need to be on the same server). And if I remember correctly (I am working
on applications, so the applet stuff is a bit vague, I will look it up and
get back to you) when you go to another page a stop message is sent to the
applet, but it doesn't have to stop running. This is done so a user can go
back to the page and "resume" using the applet.

Now I am not suggesting to do this behind the users back, but to give the
user the option to keep it running in the background while the user goes on
browsing. (Of course it would be ON by default =)

A lot of people might say that because java is an interpreted language it
is a lot slower then native code, but Just-In-Time compilers are around,
and I believe that Netscape for one has one built in.

Also porting from C to Java shouldn't be that big a problem, since Java's
syntax is based on C/C++.


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