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Ryan Dumperth woodie at indy.net
Sun Oct 26 01:00:09 EDT 1997

Rogier R. Mulhuijzen wrote:
>A lot of people might say that because java is an interpreted language it
>is a lot slower then native code, but Just-In-Time compilers are around,
>and I believe that Netscape for one has one built in.
>Also porting from C to Java shouldn't be that big a problem, since Java's
>syntax is based on C/C++.

Thankfully, this mailing list is archived in its entirety. Please refer to

David McNett (Nugget) made the official position abundantly clear, and no
amount of traffic on this list will change that position.

"Java is a wholly inappropriate platform for this specific task which is
best accomplished by native, targeted, hand-tuned assembly code."

To add my own meaningless opinion, at this point Java is totally worthless,
even if it isn't dog slow. Sticking the hand tuned assembly code in a Java
wrapper doesn't matter a whit because there are no mature JITs or JVMs in
widespread use. Do you honestly expect people to keep their web browser
open 24-7 just so rc5 can run in its little sandbox? And the standalone
Java environments are equally unstable and cumbersome. Why waste overhead
letting an app (the VM) run beneath the rc5 code? In the future, Java's
utility will probably change, but for now, there will be no Java at

All of these arguments have been hashed out ad nauseum on this list
already. Peruse the RC5 List - General RC5 discussion links at
http://cwww.llamas.net/~chipper/mail.html  to see the carnage from previous
Java skirmishes.

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