[rc5] v3

JP Rosevear webmaster at usjc.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Oct 26 17:14:47 EST 1997

>> >Perhaps another project that could be considered would be the
>> continuation
>> >of the table base classes generated by Ken Thompson.  We could
>> probably
>> >knock out 6 and 7 man classes in very short order.
>> What are "table base classes"?
>Trying to find the real truth, they are making tables of all possible
>endings, starting with 3 pieces (2 kings and a piece), and working
>upwards to more and more pieces. Those tables will tell you for those
>endings what the ideal move is and what the result will be.

I would also like to add that they are the foundation for solving chess
completely.  That is to say if you ever got all 30 classes completed then
chess would be optimally solved:

1. e4 resigns :-)

However we're talkin billions of positions here.


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