[rc5] Multiple OSes

Ranjit Annamalai rxa21 at po.cwru.edu
Sun Oct 26 17:58:23 EST 1997

Stephen Langasek wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, Ranjit Annamalai wrote:
> > I think they reccomend that if you run two copies on the same OS that
> > you maintain seperate files and so I would assume that for two OS's you
> > would want to keep seperate files as well.
> This isn't a recommendation that I've ever heard...  I've been running
> multiple systems off the same binary, same ini file, and same buffer files
> for months without any sign of trouble.  In this case, the systems are
> virtually identical (clearly, since they use the same binary), but there's
> no reason I can think of that the ini files would need to be different for
> different platforms.  If you've got stable NFS, I say go for it...

Oops, checked the FAQ and the question was actually what to do if you
want to run two copies with different configs.  Other than the locking
that David mentioned I don't know.

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