[rc5] v3

Sebastian Kuzminsky kuzminsk at taussky.cs.colorado.edu
Sun Oct 26 18:21:05 EST 1997

James Mastros <root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org> wrote:

   Back of the envelope.

]                                            What did i forget?
] 1) Encoding for captured peices.
] 2) Whose turn it is.

   Oh yeah!

] 3) You can deduce the en passant allowablity from the layout (I think -- I'm
]    not all that much of a chess player.)

   En passant is only allowed on the ply immediately following the
pawn-move that creates the opportunity.

] I would do the entire board as a 64*64 array, and have each position marked
] by what peice is there (0 for none, high bit is color).  Then do a RLE on
] the whole thing.  Then follow with overall status

   I assume you mean an 8 * 8 array?  Having thought some more about
board encodings, i think this would be a better encoding scheme.


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