[rc5] IRC as primary means of communications.

Phil Reed pcr at ic.net
Sun Oct 26 21:09:09 EST 1997

>> And, just as a further note, I found an IRC client and tried more than
>> once to find a developer or somebody on IRC, and was unable to do
>> so.
>You need to join the EFNet RC5 channel.  Connect your client to an EFNet
>server such as irc-e.primenet.com (or irc-w.primenet.com if you are in the
>western US) and then /join #rc5.  There is usually more than one
>"important" person there.  =)

What makes you think I didn't do exactly that?  Excuse me, but just
because I'm not an educational user doesn't make me exactly
clueless. When I said I tried the IRC method of making contact, I
jumped through all the hoops, got on the right channel and everything.

>> Face it: IRC has all the disadvantages of a phone call. That's why
>> email is so popular - both sides of a communication do NOT have to
>> be available at the same time.
>Unless you expect a response at 3AM, you should have no trouble finding
>someone to talk to.  Even at 3AM it's not that hard =)

That's the point - why shouldn't I be able to send an email to the 
developers at 3AM, and have it paid attention to? Besides, just
because it happens to be 3AM where the developers are doesn't mean
it's 3AM everywhere. You seem to be thinking in a USA-centric

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