[rc5] another -runbuffers oddity

Richard Ellis rellis at erols.com
Sun Oct 26 21:17:09 EST 1997

Configure the linux-mt client to buffer 1 block.  Then execute a fetch of
the one block.  You now have a buff-in file with a single block.

Now run rc564 -runbuffers.

The client picks up the one key from the buff-in file, then immediately says
the buffers are exhausted and exits.

The one key evaporates into the ether.

[10/27/97 02:10:12 GMT] The proxy says: "There can be only One!"
[10/27/97 02:10:13 GMT] Retrieved 1 block(s) from server

RC5-64 Client v2.6401 started.  Using rellis at erols.com as email address.

[10/27/97 02:10:24 GMT] Block: 6474495E:00000000 ready for processing
[10/27/97 02:10:24 GMT] 0 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
[10/27/97 02:10:24 GMT] 0 Blocks are in file buff-out.rc5 
Child thread # 1 has been started.
Buffers exhausted. Exiting. 

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