[rc5] An Idea of the V3 protocol

Chris Arguin Chris.Arguin at unh.edu
Sun Oct 26 23:33:50 EST 1997

Does anybody think it would be useful to provide a way for clients to
communicate with each other. For example, each client tells the server
that it has a constant connection to the Internet (assuming, of course,
that this is true). Then a client might say, "Hey... I need this piece of
information", or "I need somebody else to process this." Then the server
can point out another machine. 

I think this may be useful for two reasons. First, for something like the
chess engine, it gives you a method for propagating proposed moves so
that you can try a depth first approach. Secondly, it seems that RSA-155
takes a lot of resources. More than available on any one machine at
points. What if we came up with a distributed memory net? Sure, it would
be slow. But it allows the creation of a machine that COULD compute these

Now we get into network-heavy activities, and a machine suddenly dropping
off has a much larger effect. But I'd hate to see distributed.net not able
to solve some problem because no machine in it's... it's... (do we have a
term for this?)... network is capable of storing enough data. If one
client could say, "I need to access elements [0][0] - [20][10] in matrix
A", and that data is received from another client, then we would have an
infinite-resource machine.

This is a bit of a break from how rc5 worked, but different problems to
demand different solutions. Implementing this well is so complicated that
if it was done at all it would probably have to wait for v4.

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