[rc5] Best setup for infrequent dial-up connection

Jin-Wei jinwei at tm.net.my
Mon Oct 27 13:54:46 EST 1997

Slim wrote:
> I'd like to make some completely maintenance-free RC5 installations on
> various computers which make relatively infrequent connections to the
> Internet. I'll have them buffer large numbers of blocks, and if possible
> I'd like them to flush automatically whenever there's a net connection,
> but I don't want the client to cause a dial-up connection to occur. This
> will allow me to run the client on computers without having to explain
> anything at all about it to the computers' owners (I'm thinking
> specifically of installing them on some of my family members' computers,
> but I don't want them to have to take any kind of action to keep things
> updated).
> There's been some mention of -frequent and -runoffline command-line
> switches, some combination of which may accomplish what I'm trying to do,
> but they don't appear to be documented anywhere. Can someone shed some
> light on these? Also, does the win32-GUI client accept the command-line
> switches?
> If the -frequent or -runoffline option isn't what I'm looking for, then it
> would be nice to have something like a -lurk option, where the client
> would quietly poll for a network connection (like ICQ or Socket Watch),
> and when it saw one would do a -update, regardless of how many completed
> blocks had been buffered. This would let me unleash the client on any
> number of unsuspecting souls, without their being any the wiser. In fact,
> I'd like to package the whole thing up in an installer, which someone
> could run once, and have a completely configured hidden client suitable
> for an infrequent dial-up connection which they'd never have to think
> about again.
> Chris Johnson
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Can't think of a way to do that. Sorry. :(

But, you could (if applicable) do what I did. I used the hidden client
with the -runoffline, -nice 2 & -cktime 2 parameters to run on my dad's
two machines (without him even knowing).

One is an office unit with a permanent net connection (no problems for
submitting), and everyday, I just copy out the completed blocks out of
the other machine. 

Best of all, the ????.exe is renamed to System Process.exe, totally
eliminating all suspicions.......

<evil grin>


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