[rc5] An Idea of the V3 protocol

Ray Vanlandingham jamesrv at awod.com
Mon Oct 27 03:41:54 EST 1997

At 11:29 PM 10/26/97 -0600, you wrote:
>At 11:33 PM 10/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Does anybody think it would be useful to provide a way for clients to
>>communicate with each other. For example, each client tells the server
>>that it has a constant connection to the Internet (assuming, of course,
>>that this is true). Then a client might say, "Hey... I need this piece of
>>information", or "I need somebody else to process this." Then the server
>>can point out another machine. 
>> [cut out a bit...]
>>This is a bit of a break from how rc5 worked, but different problems to
>>demand different solutions. Implementing this well is so complicated that
>>if it was done at all it would probably have to wait for v4.
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>Personally, I think this idea sounds awesome.  Yes, it is a bit different,
>and yes, it may leave those of us with dial-up connections out in the cold
>at times, but it does have incredible merit.  Isn't the world sort of

[chopped out a bit]

Not necessarily. It seems to me that since you're going to be storing data
on many different machines, some of which may be more reliable than others,
you want a certain amount of built in reliability. It would really suck if
the one person with the essential piece of data suddenly looses interest
and deletes it. Perhaps use the dialup computers for backups of data stored
on permanantly connected computers, or perhaps figure out how many dialup
copies you need to ensure one copy is permanantly accessible.

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