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Alain Brasseur alain.brasseur at ulg.ac.be
Mon Oct 27 11:18:57 EST 1997

Even ET has his own RC5 contest,

Alain Brasseur, from Belgium

Help SETI Find Intelligent Life

The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is looking for a
few spare cycles. CPU cycles, that is. SERENDIP, a Berkeley,
research group is attempting to harness the the spare processing
power of home and business computer users around the world in
the hunt for ET. All you need to play is a computer capable of
a small file from the Internet and enough computer chops to
run an application about as complicated as a screensaver.
The center is sponsoring SETI at home, a project that will harness the
computing power of thousands of Internet users to help scientists
comb the heavens for signs of intelligent life. The date the software
will be available for download is still uncertain, but organizers are
aiming for the middle of 1998.
SERENDIP already harvests and analyzes enormous amounts of
data with the aid of the world's largest radio telescope and a
supercomputer in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. But, even at 200 billion
operations per second, the supercomputer is unable to keep up
with the constant stream of data flowing from the telescope. By adding
as many as 100,000 networked computers to their arsenal, scientists
think they can do a better job of sifting the massive volume of
radio signals for clues to life on other planets. In fact, SERENDIP
views the Internet itself as a supercomputer.

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