One Time Pad (was: Re: [rc5] The DOS client appears at last!)

Joseph Fisk joe at
Mon Oct 27 19:57:59 EST 1997

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Christopher R. Redinger wrote:

> A one-time pad, sometimes called the Vernam cipher, uses a string of 
> bits that is generated completely at random.

So this is a secret key encryption system?

> Stream ciphers were developed as an approximation to the action of the 
> one-time pad, and while contemporary stream ciphers are unable to 
> provide the satisfying theoretical security of the one-time pad, they 
> are at least practical.

Considering the computation power it will take to break a single 64bit RC5
message, I think that, say, 128 bit is more than enough for security.  Or
2048 bit.


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