[rc5] Re: One Time Pad

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Mon Oct 27 10:51:15 EST 1997

> The problem with One Time Pads is getting the KEY to the person who
> needs it to use for decryption.  The most practical way for doing
> so is by diplomatic pouch (governments) or courier (businesses).
> [Writeable CD-ROMs are a godsend.  One can "package" more than 600MB
> of key into something that is easily carried.]
> mikus

May I ask why, if a secure transport method has been found, that the
message itself cannot simply be sent?  (If a message was so ultra-secret
that a OTP was needed, I'd be much more worried about the human factor of
data  security than the possibility of the key being brute-forced.)

Mike "Silby" Silbersack
silby at execpc.com

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