[rc5] Re: One Time Pad

Ethan Michael O'Connor zudark at MIT.EDU
Mon Oct 27 12:15:49 EST 1997

>May I ask why, if a secure transport method has been found, that the
>message itself cannot simply be sent?  (If a message was so ultra-secret
>that a OTP was needed, I'd be much more worried about the human factor of
>data  security than the possibility of the key being brute-forced.)
>Mike "Silby" Silbersack
>silby at execpc.com

What you do is send a list of decryption keys to the other party under
secured cirsumstances. You then encrypt all future correspondence with 
them with your copies of those keys in the same order as they have them
listed. That way you only need to maintain high security for one message:
the list of keys.

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