[rc5] An Idea for the V3 protocol

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Mon Oct 27 09:51:20 EST 1997

>Yes, that is a major problem. One ideal of distributed.net, as I see
>it, is that anybody can easily donate CPU cycles to any process. We
>don't want them to have to be registered, and then wait for approval
>before they can help. That will stop a lot of people from helping.

It depends on the goals of the project. I see it two ways:

1) 	Optimized for large scale, anonymous processing (like RC5)

2)	Optimized for secure processing (like internal systems work inside a

I can imagine that the design criteria would be very different for the
above two situations. Imagine a V3 client that could run any various client
application (prime numbers, RC5, weather calculations). Now imagine trying
to use that in a bank to calculate some very important, but very
proprietary data. The possibility of a trojan V3 client causing damage to
data, or causing a security breach, would be very important to a bank
implementing V3 type technology for their own internal systems. 

I believe that the V3 protocol should ALLOW for passing registration
between the client and server, but specific applications of the technology
could be implemented with this feature turned off.

Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net 
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