[rc5] An Idea for the V3 protocol : ssh !

Jo Hermans Jo.Hermans at vub.ac.be
Mon Oct 27 19:05:13 EST 1997

Has somebody thought about using the ssh-protocol for the communication
between clients and servers ?

I know that most of you think "ssh - but that's for an encrypted version
of rsh !", but that's not the whole truth. The ssh-protocol can be used
for any kind of communication, it will encrypt the whole datastream. If
correctly configured, it can be used to verify the remote host with
passwords and even public/private keys. [yep, using the same RC5-56 !].
For some sites, it could be the only way trough a firewall, when for
example the telnet and rsh ports are closed. Bovine uses the http-ports
currently, which is fine, even when proxies have to be used (well, if it
finally works ofcourse :). Most sites will open these ports anyway, one
way or another. But for some sites, I can imagine that administrators
ask for better identification. And if V3 clients are able to use some
kind of encrypted communication, that's a plus for me. I don't want to
have people snoop these messages, because some of them can contain
sensitive information.

Ofcourse, signing all messages (like in ActiveX and Java-applets) would
be a very good step too.

Jo Hermans
System Manager WFS, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

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